AISC Advanced Certified
Steel Fabricator

From a simple renovation to multimillion dollar projects, Kansas City Structural Steel's work encompasses all types of steel construction. Our modern, leed-certified manufacturing facility is filled with the most state-of-the-art equipment, advanced software and people who are experts at using them. Kansas City Structural Steel is an AISC certified fabricator and uses only AISC certified erectors.



Steel is an economical, lasting building material, offering flexibility in design and precision in construction. We fabricate and install the pieces that serve as a building’s framework, from beams and joists to decks and columns.


Steel isn’t just functional, it’s beautiful. While the clean angles of a structural framework has its own charms, ornamental work often attracts the most attention. From railings and stairs to a 70-foot decorative tower, our team brings flair to a facility and structure to an architect’s drawing.


Our exclusive use of Building Information Modeling software means that our technical capabilities have no limits. Our facility—one of the best-equipped shops in the region—delivers on the promise our software makes. It all adds up to a team that can fabricate anything your project needs.


A pre-assembled Halo© floor and roof decking system saves your project time and money. A 10-step process becomes a two-step process, cutting both installation time and system cost significantly. Contact us to see if your project can utilize Halo© in lieu of traditional bar joists.