AISC Advanced Certified
Steel Fabricator

We build Kansas City Structural Steel on a foundation of Steadfast service and absolute quality. But for us, that's just the beginning. We're focused on Mastering the next trends or techniques that make your project run more smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


A green approach is an essential part of who we are, from our LEED Gold manufacturing facility to how we use planning and technology to find sustainable efficiencies. So we know exactly what is takes to support a sustainably-designed project, including understanding all components of the LEED certification process.

Steel’s recycled content and reclamation rate is higher than any other building material. We’re taking the next step in increasing steel’s sustainability by encouraging smart choices to reduce waste and even reuse steel. We’ll help you find strategies for efficient use of structural steel, helping your project save money and waste.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is nothing new in the structural steel world. What makes us different is the software we use and how we use it. We use the best system out there—X-Steel by Tekla—and we use it exclusively.

Because our software is created specifically for structural steel projects, we can create detailed piece-by-piece fabrication assemblies and easy-to-follow erection blueprints. And because we use only BIM 3-D software on our projects, we have total control over what the system can do. It’s an approach that will eliminate conflicts and speed production on your project.


Our team brings decades of solid experience, but also a fresh, innovative approach to finding solutions to your issues. Our in-house detailing department is one of our strongest assets, staffed with dedicated, knowledgeable technicians who work only with 3-D software.

At Kansas City Structural Steel, you’ll get quality, efficient work that fits perfectly into your project. And because we keep up to date with the latest technology and building trends, there’s never a learning curve at your expense. Because we already speak your language, we can focus on serving you and your project to the highest degree.